The eBay Developers Program provides you with a set of APIs that you can use to interact with the eBay servers. You can call these APIs using any major programming language (.NET, Java, PHP..etc.). For most programming languages an SDK is provided that you can use to call most of the APIs.

The following list is not exhaustive, but are some of the most important APIs offered by eBay:

  • Trading API: List or buy items
  • Shopping API: Search & Browse items
  • Clients Alerts API: Ask eBay if your data has changed
  • Platform Notifications API: eBay notifies you if your data has changed

This article explains how you can enable a simple stock management application to list its products on eBay. To achieve this you need to use the Trading API. When one of your products is sold on eBay, ideally, you want to be notified about it. To this end, you can configure the Platform Notifications API to inform you about events such as this.

The eBay API is rediciously huge and can be quite complex. This article focuses on the absolute minimum requirements needed to list an item on eBay. At the end of this article you’ll be able to:

  • List an article on eBay
  • Revise an existing listing
  • Remove a listing
  • Receive a notification when one of your products is sold

Let’s get started…

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