Whenever I design a service I have the habbit of wrapping the client-side proxy in a helper class. This shields the end-user from having to deal with the proxy directly and with the clean up code.

The service references and coherent helper classes are put in a seperate class library. Such a helper class provides public methods that delegate to the protected proxy property. If more than one client application uses the service then you can just reference this code library and reuse the helper classes.

An example of this can be found in my “A Combination of WCF Essentials” article. One reader asked the following question:

Interesting article, in particular the part about wrapping the proxy. I’m thinking of wrapping a proxy in a class library, but can’t figure out how to expose the async methods of the proxy to the users of the dll. Do You have any suggestions regarding that?

This article focuses on accomplishing just that. So let’s get started…

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This week at work a colleague and I had the chance to play around with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). We had to create a service which is capable of registering every client and each opened window in said clients. The client application is nothing more than a regular MDI application.

The goal was to provide our customers with an admin tool so that they can view which clients are currently connected and which windows are opened within them. The admin tool allows the users to communicate with the connected clients through the use of callbacks. Enabling them to do various cool stuff such as sending a message to all clients or just one in particular, closing a window or just forcing all clients applications to shut down…etc.

This was a challenging and fun task to complete. In this article I’ll present a trimmed down version of the service. I’ll take you through the steps we had to discover for ourselves in order to be able to create the service.

Let’s get started…

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